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Name:Pavement Marking material (MMA Cold Plastic)


MMA (two-component) pavement marking material---Construction mode includes screed, spray, structured and colorful anti-skid.

Material mainly used the Degadur® methacrylic acid reactive resin from the Evonik Industries and high quality titanium dioxide which combine with Changda patent and experiences of years. This pavement marking material is highly durable and is suitable for use in areas with high traffic wear such as roundabouts, box junctions, give-way lines and  heavily trafficked roads. The quality of products can meets our domestic industry standard (JT/T280-2004,GB/T16311-2009 and GB/5768-2009), also meets Europe standard ( EN 1871 and EN 1436)  and American Standard.



---Excellent durability

---Keep the stable appearance under the high traffic flow, have the good thermal stability (anti-weather and effectively prevent the snow clearer scaling)

---Good adhesion to road and have a quite flexible which can easily match to the pavement deformation

---Have a strong bond with the reflective glass breads

---Curing under the normal temperature,solvent-free and environment protection.

---Application temperatures as low as 5 ℃

---Engineered for long line and transverse pavement markings

---Out standing adhesion to asphalt and concrete
---The profiled marking can provide driver warning and wet night retroreflectivity
---Extremely resistent to snowplow damage

---Available in a variety of mix ratios except  rathe sprayed application


Spraying application

Two-Component Pavement Marking material (MMA Cold Plastic)     


Screed application
Two-Component Pavement Marking material (MMA Cold Plastic)


Structured application

Two-Component Pavement Marking material (MMA Cold Plastic)   


Colorful anti-skid application
Two-Component Pavement Marking material (MMA Cold Plastic)

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