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Name:Room temperature vehicle-mounted road marking machine
This machine is a high pressure constant mass flow type airless spraying machine. Gasoline engine drives plunger pump to make the coating forming high pressure.  The thickness of the sprayed lines is uniformity, and the edges are clearly, beautiful and tidy. The spray gun bracket, designed as guide bar, can adjust the line width accurately and conveniently. In addition, after equipped with computer controller, this machine can adjust the dotted line spacing according to the engineering requirement.
Technical parameters:
1.Power: 9.0HP HONDA gasoline engine
2.The maximum load output flow: 20L/min
3.The maximum output coating pressure: 21Mpa
4.Normal operating pressure: 10-18Mpa
5.Spraying width: 100-300mm (Single gun)
6.Spraying thickness: 0.2-0.4mm
7.Two guns can spray at the same time
8.Volume: 1150*1050*1250mm
9.Net weight: 220kg
Room temperature vehicle-mounted road marking machine Room temperature vehicle-mounted road marking machine
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