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Name:Old line removing machine
The LLJCX type line removing machine is used to remove the damaged road marking lines, cracks, discoloration and other old hot-melt or cold paint marking lines. The engine drives the grinding head rotating at high speed, the grinding head shall be grinding with pavement bulge under the action of centrifugal force and then the old lines shall be removed cleanly. The machine adopts imported Honda gasoline engine and high strength wear-resistant hard alloy grinding head to ensure the stable construction quality. It has the characteristics of excellent grinding performance, rapid construction speed, simple operation and easy maintenance etc.
Technical parameters
Power: 9HP Honda gasoline engine
Grinding depth: Bituminous pavement    0-4mm       Concrete pavement    0-3mm
Line removal speed: 400-500m/h
Life of grinding head: 25-30km 
Weight: 70kg 
Dimensions: 400*800*1000mm
Grinding force adjusting range: strong, middle or weak stepless adjustment
Rubber wheel: cast iron and special wear-resistant rubber wheel, rear wheels are double strengthening wheels with single vertical shaft

Grinding head: three independent rotary grinding heads, the imported wear-resistant hard alloys are inlaid with each head, the width is 180mm

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