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Name:Double-cylinders hydraulic thermoplastic melting kettle
LLJRF1200 type thermoplastic melting kettle is a dedicated device for hot-melting coating material. The equipment, equipped with overload overflow protector to provide forward and reverse stirring, adopts multiplex integrated hydraulic stepless transmission torque to guarantee high performance and heavy load operation. Hydraulic drive motor is designed to be Series Circuit, no matter single cylinder works or double cylinders work at the same time, it also can ensure the rated speed is constant.
Combustion system with high efficient and energy saving burner ensure the heat exchange high efficiently. Continuous working time is long; the cover of exhaust pipe cover is equipped. Simple operation and easy maintenance.
The molten material kettle has a good effect of thermal insulation and heat preservation, because it adopts a sandwich structure which is filled with aluminum silicate insulation board in the middle. The bottom of the kettle is an extrusion moulding arc pot, so, it has a strong ability to resist deformation;
Technical parameter
1.Engine power: 12.3kw,  Electric start, evaporation, water-cooled diesel engine.
2.Hydraulic transmission system: multiplex integrated hydraulic control valve, forward and reverse stirring, infinitely variable speeds.
3.Hydraulic motor: BM type     Stirring speed   30~80n/min
4.Hydraulic oil tank capacity : 50L
5.Cylinders capacity : 290L(600Kg)×2
6.Stainless steel cylinder, high carbon steel pot, upright paddle type stirring system.
7.Structure:  frame structure, the thermal insulation material are filled between the liner and the outer layer of the kettle
8.Heating system:  liquefied petroleum gas or diesel (optional).
9.Safety device:  specially designed overload overflow device can prevent wrong operation
10. Stirring:  stepless speed regulation, forward and reverse rotation; Handling: integrated reversing valve
11. Burner:  direct injection and high efficiency burner Fuel:liquefied petroleum gas
12. Boundary dimension(mm):1850(L)×1730(W)×1550(H)
13. Weight: 1200Kg
Double-cylinders hydraulic thermoplastic melting kettle Double-cylinders hydraulic thermoplastic melting kettle Double-cylinders hydraulic thermoplastic melting kettle
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