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Name:Hand-pushed cold paint road marking machine
LLJHXLS type hand push type cold paint road marking machine is a high pressure equal mass flow type airless spraying machine. The machine uses gasoline engine hydraulic diaphragm pump through hydraulic system, which makes the coating forming high pressure inside to be sprayed. About 20 Mpa (about 100 kg/c ㎡) pressure produced by high-pressure coating pump pressed the coatings(marking coatings) inside to the pavement through spray guns. Strong adhesion, without micro bubbles, and the compactness is much higher than brush coating and air spraying, the line is durable and does not fall off. The thickness of the sprayed lines is uniformity, and the edges are tidy. The spray gun bracket guide bar is designed for rising and falling, it can adjust the spraying width accurately and conveniently. So, this machine has the characteristics of low labor intensity, fast and convenient construction,etc.
Product features
Hydraulic pressure spray gun, switch quickly, tidy marking line.
Column type cyclotron nozzle, easily solve the congestion problem
With unique spray gun control device, the machine can randomly adjusted in the process of marching
Solid line, dotted line, single line, doubles line etc.
The device is portable, powerful, high efficiency, easy to operate, and is the most advanced models
It has many types to be chose, diesel driven type and gasoline engine driven type , imported and domestic high-pressure diaphragm pump, as well as, single and double spray gun, can meet the different needs of users.
Technical parameters
1. Engine power: 5.5HP
2. Flow: 8L/min
3. Maximum working pressure: 230Bar
4. Marking width: 100~450mm
5. Weight: 120Kg(domestic pump
6. Boundary dimension(mm): 1200(L)×840(W)×1000(H)
Hand-pushed cold paint road marking machine Hand-pushed cold paint road marking machine
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