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Name:Pavement Marking material
Thermoplastic pavement marking material ---Construction mode includes screed, spray, profiled and colorful anti-skid.
Thermoplastic material is a 100% solid containing pigment,binder,glass beads and fillers which becomes liquid when heated.The material is one of the most common type of pavement marking based on its balance between cost and performance longevity.Intermixed and drop-on glass beads can provide retro-reflectivity for night time visibility.Their use can increased paints some superior performance such as durability,retro-reflectivity,and a lack of VOC solvents,which can use in smaller airless and conventional striping equipment.Also we have professional R&D team,so we can supply various standard products.
--- Abrasion resistant for durability
--- Flexible application thicknesses
--- Curing time ≤3 minutes
--- Engineered to minimize traffic lane interruptions and closure
--- Mechanically adheres to all asphalt road
--- Application methods include screed,spray and profiled
--- Economical refurbishment for the worn thermoplastic markings
--- Low VOC formula
--- Long marking lifetime
Thermoplastic marking material series
--- Thermoplastic screed/extrusion marking material
--- Thermoplastic spray marking material
--- Thermoplastic profiled marking material
--- Colorful thermoplastic marking material
Screed application
Thermoplastic Pavement Marking material                   
Spraying application
Thermoplastic Pavement Marking material                
Profiled application
Thermoplastic Pavement Marking material            
Colorful anti-skid application

Thermoplastic Pavement Marking material



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