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Highway engineering and technical communication about the high cold and high altitude area is held in Xining City Qinghai Province
Date:2016-6-4 Hits:502

-- The solution of marking application used in high cold & high altitude 


During May 31th to June 1st,the technical seminar of Qinghai plateau G214 line highway upgrading and transformation of science and technology demonstration project organized by the China Institute of highway and the Qinghai Provincial Department of communications was held in Xining. More over 250 delegates in-depth discussion and technical exchange about the road marking used in Qinghai plateau area whose has the technical problems.



Conference agenda

In the high cold & high altitude area has the unique climate characteristics, so this will bring a series problems to the road marking construction. The common problems are shown as the following:
1、 In the low pressure,the thermoplastic marking paint is unable to 
achieve the best molten state that will lead to the poor reflective
of road marking after construction and the road marking is easy to
2、 Strong ultraviolet makes the marking easy to markings makes easy to
    change color.
3、Due to the long lines and sparely populated, it’s difficult to had
   gas used in applying the thermoplastic road marking paint.
4、It’s hard to maintain again.
5、Due to it will emit a large number of CO2,so it maybe bring immeasurable
   influence to the fragile ecological environment. 
To solve the above problems,it needs a set of solutions for the road marking used in special areas.

On the afternoon of June 1st ,Xue Xiaodong from Shanxi Changda Traffic Facilities Co.,Ltd made a discussion about the above technical problems in the exchange site and put forward a set of practical solutions about how to choose the marking paint & how to choose the application & how to protect the environment & how to maintain the marking etc.. The above get a positive from Qinghai traffic management department and social experts


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