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Vietnam road marking renovation projects currently is in negotiating
Date:2015-10-31 Hits:712

September of this year, Vietnam Hanoi transportation construction company commissioned its agent in China to talk over with our company for this renovation projects. The renovation project site is in Hanoi area of Vietnam to Bac Ninh province including the Beining City, Jia Ping County, Wu County, Guangxi county people, Shun Cheng County, Xianyou County, county, an Fengxian County charity. Total engineering quantity is 830 kms. Considering the owner has a strict requirement about the quality of this project, so its agent in China finally decide to cooperate with our company. After several talks, they decide to use our hot-melt thermoplastic road marking paint in the whole project. At present, the two sides have signed a project cooperation agreement. After we get back from investigation about Vietnam's project, the two sides will sign the final construction contract. The above marks our products is a step by step into the Vietnam market.

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